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November 13, 2008

My CD (MP3) list…

Well it’s been a while… since last posting I’ve done so very much… survived a nasty Trojan Attack, reinstalled my OS, visited Disney World Florida, read two books (two!? woot!), made a new friend, 3/4 built a Wipeout HD Feisar out of LEGO, swam with a dolphin and learned how to program in Python. All of which I’d love to share with you one day, but not right now..
For now here’s something far more exciting: A text list of my entire music collection – wooohoot!

My Music Collection

Actually, it’s not my entire collection, there a still a couple of newer CDs I haven’t ripped yet, and about 700 individual tracks that I haven’t listed, but you get the overall picture…

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