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December 23, 2010

Colors! DS

Colors! is a fantastic little homebrew App for the Nintendo DS written by Jens Andersson (also available for iPhone/iPod Touch).

The official Colors! ‘About’ page

Unfortunately Colors! DS is no longer under development or supported by Jens so, as a loyal supporter 😉 I’ve decided to host the last available version(s) here, as well as the previous stable version (which apparently works on a wider variety of DS homebrew carts)

The last beta release (1.10b beta2)
This fixed a few minor bugs in v1.1 and added a few new features. The main bug fixed was a playback related redraw bug that resulted in the “culled” strokes still remaining in the redraw even after rewinding back to a previous, partial state.
The main new feature is the ability to browse and comment on images in the online gallery directly from inside Colors! (as long as your cart supports Wi-Fi)
This is the recommended version if your cart supports it.

The last stable release (1.1)
This is the officially released ‘final’ stable version and also includes the .gba slot executable and the Colors! magazine.

The Previous Stable Release (1.06h)
This is an older version of Colors and was the longest serving stable build (afaik!) This version is extremely stable and works on a much wider variety of DS carts. However, it has a different UI, is not quite as slick looking or functioning and, while it has playback, has no proper ‘undo’ feature.

here are a few other links to the Colors! Community:

The official Colors! Gallery

The Colors! Facebook Page (defunct)

The unofficial Colors! forum (defunct)

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