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July 28, 2008

Big Time Charlie Potatoes

Big Time Charlie Potatoes - Charlie, Naughty, Johnny
Big Time Charlie – from left: Charlie, Naughty, Johnny

Big Time Charlie Potatoes is the name of my band. We’re not doing much these days but it certainly was fun most of the time when we were active. Charlie Potatoes was the main man, thats him on the left. He wrote all the songs, plays all the guitars and does all the lead vocals. Next there’s me in the middle. I play the bass and moan. Finally, completing the three-piece is Johnny Smokes. Johnny plays the Drums, sings backing vocals and wears the dress. I don’t know why he’s holding Charlie’s guitar in the photo…?

Here, for your amusement are some MP3’s of some of the stuff we’ve recorded. There’s at least twice as many more songs we never recorded and twice as many more than that kicking about in Charlie’s head (that no one has ever heard). Maybe that’s why Charlie is a bit mental.

The recording and performance quality is generally pretty poor by professional standards, but I believe they are mostly all good or great songs. Maybe one day a real band will record some of Charlie’s stuff properly and make him a happy man.
Please feel free to copy and distribute these MP3s to whomever you think may like them.

If you can only be bothered to try one at random, Funny Money or Fairboy give a good general impression of what our music is all about…

Weekend Ravers 3:46

Wild, Wild Garden Called Life (2002)
1 – Bringin’ Back the Rave 5:11
2 – Straightgoers 4:11
3 – Sad Song 3:22
4 – Run to the Sun 3:52
5 – Ruby Delight 3:36
6 – Impaled 4:54
7 – This Life (demo) 2:28
8 – Oris Smiles 2:35
9 – Georgie 4:43
10 – Hangin’ Round 2:49
11 – Funny Money 2:48
12 – Fairboy 3:22
13 – Birds and Bees 2:55
14 – Cheatin’ 4:25
Outraged’ 3:57

Charlie – One Man Guitar Band
Hip, Hip Hooray 3:02
Wild, Wild Garden 3:39
Last Temptation 4:26

Very old Max Demo Sessions – Recorded live in one take.
Each Day 6:09
Last Temptation 4:39
Monkey Smokes 4:03
Our Tune 4:08

The first full run through of “Made of Stone”. Recorded on a tape deck in Gig-Box Rehersal rooms.
Made of Stone 3:33

All music and lyrics is copyright W. J. Cooke 2000/2008.

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