Awesome LEGO model blog

I got emailed this blog by about 5 different work mates.. 😀 It takes a while to load as it’s image heavy, and plenty of them! but there are so many beautiful models, in every theme you could imagine, all hand-picked for quality!

LEGO grand piano LEGO Mecha

4 Responses to “Awesome LEGO model blog”

  1. John Herndon Says:

    I am building lego sets with my kids, your Viper model is perfection! Do you happen to have a parts list?

  2. Naughty Says:

    Hi John, thanks for dropping by. I’ve just added a new parts list to the main Viper page, so if you go here:

    theres a link to it right there at the top. hope that helps!

  3. myrna Says:

    hi nathan,

    can u give instruction a grand piano ? i want to make this for gift for my sister 🙂

    thank u

  4. Naughty Says:

    Hello Myrna, I’m very sorry but I didn’t build this piano so I don’t have any instructions for one. However, if you google “LEGO grand piano instructions” there are lots of good results. this is a good one:

    good luck

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