Firesprite is revealed!


So, I’ve been working for this company for almost a year now and we’ve just officially announced ourselves to the public.
Due to the fact that we were working on secret stuff for PS4 launch (Playroom) we’ve had to remain completely undisclosed until now.

So, here we are:

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  1. Γ«RiC Says:

    Good news agent naughty!! πŸ˜€
    what do the japanese characters under the logo type mean?

  2. Naughty Says:

    it’s a literal translation of “Fire”-“sprite” πŸ˜€ and apparently it’s kosher as it was given to us by real Japanese guys πŸ˜‰

    (if you type “fire sprite” into google translate it does actually come up with exactly those characters in one alternative version of the translation to Japanese!)

  3. faux Says:

    Haven’t checked your site in ages (was afraid you’d fallen off the 3D map!), then a search for a Maya question turned up one of your helpful posts yet again. So I thought I’d drop by…

    Can’t faulty the FireSprite site, super slick. Looking forward to seeing more projects.

    As for a breakdown of the literal Japanese translation :

    All characters are from the Katakana syllabary, which is use for foreign/loan words.

    First character = Fu (The u is almost silent so is a close fit to the English F).
    2 = The A (Ah) character. When Katakana vowels (a,i,u,e,o) as written small a more English pronunciation is used.
    3 = i (written normal size so Japanese pronunciation).
    4 = a (written normal size so Japanese pronunciation).
    5 = Horizontal dash stretches out the sound of the vowel it follows (…so joins with a to form aa here).
    6 = Su (The u is almost silent so is a close fit to the English S).
    7 = Fu + a small circle (Maru) top right, the circle combination turns Fu into Pu (almost silent U again).
    8 = Ra.
    9 = i (The sound of this will combine with the Ra to form the ‘Rai’ sound in ‘spRIte’, Japanese contains a Ri character but it sounds more like Ree).
    10 = To (The O here is quite short and doesn’t drag out like ‘Tooo’. There is no Tu character in Japanese so a lot of loan words ending in T use To.

    Just for fun πŸ˜€

    More posts!!

  4. Naughty Says:

    Hello Faux, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad my old CG posts are still being useful πŸ˜€ I really should get back and active on it again… And thanks for the translation!

  5. Dave Says:

    Reaching out again Nathan… How’s it going? Have you seen any of Charles and Jonathan my dear chap?
    I code for a UK energy supplier now.

    Hope you good. hugz

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