Minecraft Economy – Price Guide

I’ve written a comprehensive guide to prices for Minecraft Economies for our server octa.in which you can find here:


Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you might have on it with this post.


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  1. รซRiC Says:

    I don’t understand. How is stuff traded in Minecraft? I thought something like money doesn’t exist on purpose.

  2. Naughty Says:

    plugins my dear boy! plugins… there are several economy plugins for Minecraft that add a system of virtual currency. Even if you don’t theoretically need money in a game like MC, you still need to know the relative “worth” of every item so you can barter and trade it effectively, and currency is simply an easy way to standardize this.

    It’s also a great way for players to buy other, less tangible, things in game… like extra commands or “lives”, etc..

  3. Eykayn Says:

    I didn’t see a suggested price for maps. Is there a reason for that?

  4. Naughty Says:

    No Eykayn, no real reason, I just haven’t gotten around to listing literally everything yet… a few things I’ve never personally owned or sold (maps being a good example of this) so they never existed on any original lists.
    A map is just a compass and 8 paper, so it should be easy enough to calculate a price for one.

  5. Brett Maupin Says:


    I was wondering if you could help me out. I’m looking to build the X-29 witch looks awesome you built awhile back for my 3 boys. I just need the instructions if that would be ok. my boys are new into LEGOs and loves building them.
    I tried opening up the file with the lego drawing programs and it would not open. So any help would be great. thank you you so much. Brett
    Oh Love the art work cant wait to see more.

  6. Naughty Says:

    Hi Brett, bit off topic for this particular post ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for the comments anyway, I’ve emailed you a proper reply about the X29 via the email address you left…

  7. Lubnut Says:

    There is no listing for music discs.

  8. Naughty Says:

    you’re right Lubnut. I haven’t listed everything, and as discs are a fairly obscure and niche item that I’ve never bought or sold, I’ve never known, or been bothered to find out, their worth. Also, the fact that they can be dropped by digging with the MCMMO plugin makes it even trickier to gauge.

  9. Gabriel Smith Says:

    Do you think you could upload a config for the shop plugin you are using (if it is not a sign shop /chest shop)

  10. Naughty Says:

    Hi Gabriel, I’m afraid I’ve got no access to any server configs or plugins. The guy who runs all that stuff is called dddeeefff. If you want to ask him for anything like that, you can leave him a message on the server forum at: http://www.octa.in

    The price Guide I put together here is simply a visual guide for players to read and is not in any way connected to any server side plugins or configs.

  11. Kzaqul Says:

    Hey just curious if you will be adding the new items anytime soon?

    This guide has been a big help on my server

  12. Naughty Says:

    hi Kzaqul, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I probably should update it asap, been a bit busy with other things recently. I’ll have a look soon and post back here if/when I update.

  13. Kzaqul Says:

    Sweet Thanks!!!

  14. AJ Smith Says:

    Hey I was just wondering is thorns 3 a typo or nah?

  15. Naughty Says:

    hey AJ, I didn’t actually calculate the enchanting probabilities – a friend did – so I’m not sure what criteria they are based on. I’m assuming it’s not a typo though as thorns III is impossible to get using enchanting which explains the high value assigned. However, you can get thorns III simply by combining 2 “thorns II” items in an anvil which, thinking about it:
    a) is neither difficult to do nor a result of rare opportunities
    b) results in an item that costs more to subsequently repair and therefore has less shelf life.

    The cost should probably be lowered to reflect this. I think this price guide really needs a 1.8 update as it’s quite outdated, I just don’t have the time or inclination to do it atm…

  16. phactory81 Says:

    Is this the selling price of the item or buying price that you’re suggesting?

  17. Caden Maxwell Says:

    What are those rainbow colored wool and clay blocks with @ symbols?

  18. Naughty Says:

    Caden, thats just a way to show ALL the different colours of wool/clay in a single entry. I couldn’t be bothered to make 15 different table entries that would all be practically identical. The @ is simply a placeholder character for the id number.

  19. The Digital Key Says:

    Great chart, but if you can it would be really awesome to add some sort of calculator for trading. So you enter 1 emerald into 1 space and the you choose the other item (say stone) and it will show 50 stone. The main suggestion though is to put live animal prices.

  20. Papa Junior Says:

    Hello and many thanks for this price guide.
    After many months running my server on creative only, I decided to start up a survival world as well.
    This helps me big time to create a nice shop for my players.

    For the selling part of the items, would you do that half the buying price?

    Many Thanks!
    Done a great job

    Papa Junior

  21. Naughty Says:

    Hi Papa Junior, thanks for leaving a message, I’m glad this guide is being some use to people!
    As for differences between buying/selling prices I never considered it was that significant an issue to address. The prices I set in this guide were assumed to be the price a player would expect to pay if he wanted to buy them from a “shop” – specifically MY shop!.
    However, the shopkeeper himself won’t make any profit if he actually buys in his stock at the same price so what I usually did was to pay my “staff” (any player who was bored and wanted a task to do) slightly less (50%-75%) than this price to get me items. I usually provided the tools to them to do this though for free (enchanted axes for gathering wood, etc..) and all our players knew or could check the actual prices things sold for but they were still happy because it gave them a task and they couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of trying to sell the stuff themselves for a slightly higher price.
    All players were still free to haggle every price either way, and we found that some items had wildly inaccurate pricings because some players had perks or buffs that made getting certain items far, far easier. This Pushed the worth down significantly in some cases even though they were highly rare and difficult or dangerous to get for other players (slime balls, ender-pearls, blaze rods, spider-webs, etc..)
    In summary, I’d use this price guide as a basis for charging your customers the shown price. If you want to BUY the items to sell then it’s down to you to negotiate as low a price from the seller as you can wrangle! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Ryan Says:

    Can you say what a good starting amount of money would be for someone witht a shop like this?
    Ryan GG thanks

  23. Naughty Says:

    Sorry Ryan, I don’t really understand the question. you can start a shop with no money. you just need to go out and find some resources and stock to sell before you start. Sell the stuff you’ve collected, make money, collect more stuff, sell it make more money, eventually start paying other players to go collect your stock for you (pay them less than you sell it for)

  24. ZeldaKenobi Says:

    I was wondering if you could update your list to include things like the nether star, wither skulls, enchanted books and things from the new update on ps4. I am on a PVP server and we use this guide to sell things for our currency. (Da’boota made by a book and quill so there is less of a chance of reproducing it except through duping.) We would really appreciate it! Thanks a million!

  25. Naughty Says:

    Hi ZeldaKenobi, I’m glad it’s being some use. I’m afraid I don’t play MC any more and I’ve no idea about the mechanics of acquiring those missing items, so coming up with a price is impossible. However, if you guys want to give me some prices I don’t mind updating the online list with your estimated values. might be useful for other people too.
    Feel free to post your price suggestions here…

  26. EcoCrafter Says:

    Hi, I’m working on a project for a class that involves designing a science lab about sustainable mining, forestry, and agriculture using Minecraft. I was wondering if you’d be ok with me using your guide to resource values as a reference for my project as I’m having difficulty relating the value of these resources to their real-world equivalents. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  27. Naughty Says:

    hey EcoCrafter, please feel free to use the guide in whatever way, shape of form you see fit. I hope it can be of some use to your project.

  28. Ryan Says:

    Hey, this is a huge help to my economy server. But what I meant a while back was what a nice entering the server price would be. Would you say something like 0?

  29. Naughty Says:

    Oh, yes I see what you mean now Ryan. Our server gave all new players 1000 credits of “money”. You could quite easily start on a server with 0 money of course but it would take longer and a lot more work for players to then make any money so we thought 1000 would give them enough to get going quickly.

  30. Danil Says:

    What would the worth be of an enchanted golden apple?

  31. Naughty Says:

    well originally it was 1 apple and 8 gold blocks, so roughly worth 3000 (rounding up). However, since the combat update these are no longer craftable, so one would need to find out their chance of spawning in a chest and work out a new price from that. I have no idea what this might be though, sorry.

  32. Axl Says:

    Hey bro, awesome list! However, it seems a little out of date. How would you value new items from 1.9? Like shield, elytras, etc. Thanks!

  33. Dobby728 Says:

    What about selling prices?

  34. Dobby728 Says:

    Thanks for the list – it was really helpful! I would say the eye of ender should be more than 35 though, it is VERY useful

  35. ForbiddenRealms Says:

    Hello there!

    Awesome price list, is there perhaps a way you could make one for skyblock?

    Thanks in advance

  36. Naughty Says:

    Hi ForbiddenRealms, sorry I’m not familiar with what skyblock is. I know it is a MC thing, but I have no idea how or why the prices would be different to this list. By all means copy the html page source for my list and edit the prices yourself if you want to create your own copy of the list for Skyblock.

  37. ForbiddenRealms Says:

    Ok thank you so much!

    Skyblock is a type of survival that is challenge orientated. You spawn on an island in the sky with limited (but enough) resources and must expand your island to become an empire.

    You should try it out sometime ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Gecko6 Says:

    I think its just me who doesnt understand this ๐Ÿ™ how does this system work if you are playing survival and want to trade items with a player how would you use this chart? or is this only a way for people running server to trade? looks lile you put alot of time into this though so good work?

  39. Naughty Says:

    Hi Gecko6. This price guide was originally designed to be used on our multi-player server where we had an economy plugin installed. This gave every player an visible amount of money “credits” which they could spend on stuff. It could be used to buy items from shops or from other players or pay for services, etc… So for example if a player wanted to buy a single diamond from a shop (or from another player) he would pay them 160 credits. If you are not using economy and have no concept of “credits” or money (just like in vanilla MC) you can still use this price guide as a relative worth chart. So, for example, if you wanted to buy a single diamond from a player and he asked for 4 gold ingots in return you could see that’s roughly a fair trade. If he asked for 10 emeralds in return for 1 diamond you could see that’s maybe not a great deal.

  40. EdwardTakev Says:

    This is the best item price list, but need update much love from Builgaria <3

  41. HunterJack Says:

    would have been better if this was updates for 1.11.2
    love the prices and setup ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. Tim Says:

    Cool stuff, thanks for this!
    Made a quick and dirty Lua plugin for Cuberite just for fun using it: https://github.com/tim-sueberkrueb/cuberite-currency
    Thank you!

  43. Naughty Says:

    woah, nice work Tim. very cool stuff.

  44. Daycare_Jr Says:

    Can u update it for 1.11?
    And add potion prices?
    we like your price list and we use it a lot!

  45. Armax Says:

    This list is very useful, it would be nice to update it for 1.11.2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Logan Says:

    This list is very useful, thanks for making. One thing I don’t understand is that how can diamonds be worth less than diamond ore? It takes more money to smelt the diamond ore, so it should be worth more. Also you should update this list to the latest Minecraft version. Thanks!

  47. Naughty Says:

    you don’t smelt diamond ore. you hit ore and get a diamond. the only way to get diamond ore is to hit it with a special rare silk-touch pickaxe, hence it’s rarity and value.

  48. Logan Says:

    I had just thought of that about a day after posting the comment. Sorry about the stupidity. Thanks for the tip!

  49. Daycare_Jr Says:

    Im working on adding the new items from 1.12.2 to your list

    Hope you will be fine with this

  50. Naughty Says:

    absolutely fine by me. if you want to send me your new data somehow when you’ve finished it, or post a link to your own page if you are creating an online copy of this list I can integrate your additions to the existing list here if you like. all the best!

  51. somebody_whom_got_told Says:

    hey nathan, i found out that pumpkins seem to be as rare or even rarer than diamonds. why is the price so low?

  52. xpurple_kittyx Says:

    I did not see a price for a Beacon on this list.

  53. Jeremy Says:

    How often is this updated? I want to start using it but if the blocks arent getting updated or if new items and blocks arent being implemented i would have to make my own choice and i am terrible at that lol.

  54. Jimmy Says:

    You forgot to take labor into account; farming a crop/mineral can make a huge profit if the farming process can be automated or simplified. I would think that Obsidian is valuable enough to be worth more due to the great difficulty of mining i. I think that value should be priced by the time/effort it takes to obtain + its value to the purchaser, which sometimes is correlated with rarity, and sometimes not.

  55. Naughty Says:

    Hey Jimmy, if you read the preamble on the pricelist you’d hopefully see that labour has not been forgotten or overlooked and has some bearing on the prices we arrived at, almost entirely in line with what you are suggesting. However it is practically impossible to take this completely into account when setting a price on anything but a vanilla server because the amount of “labour” required to gain any particular item is almost entirely down to one (or more) of any number of countless mods and plugins installed on the majority of the multiplayer servers out there.

  56. Davis Says:

    where are enchanted golden apples?

  57. Feifel Says:

    Hello Naughty Nathan, I’ve searched the web for a long time now, and this is by far the best item valuation list there is. I’d like to use it on my realm, but the problem is that it’s out dated. I was wondering if this list is going to be updated any time soon, or at all. we are at 1.12.2 right now, and 1.13 is soon to be released. tyvm for the list so far.

  58. Naughty Says:

    Hi Feifel, thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. I’m sorry but this list is probably never going to be updated by me as I don’t play Minecraft any more and haven’t played it since this list was last in date. There are quite a few other messages above asking a similar question but there are also at least a couple of users here who have said they are working on their own updated versions of this list. You could try looking through the old comments and seeing if anyone has left any info that may be of help. Failing that you are welcome to download the HTML code for the list and build your own version of it. Good luck!

  59. Hugo Says:

    Can you update minecraft economy prices table for 1.14.3? I want to apply this to a server in that version ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Christopher Thomas Says:

    Bottles O’ Enchanting?

  61. bishop MacFarlane Says:

    I was wondering if this could be updated to the current version of Minecraft 1.15.2 as there are a lot of missing blocks like Acacia wood logs and Dark oak logs ect.

  62. Bryan Says:

    What is the currency?

  63. Pug boi Says:

    Hello! Could I share this link on youtube and try to get somebody to update it? Just waiting for permission.

  64. Naughty Says:

    Hey Pug Boi, sure, do whatever you like with this, it’s completely public, open source, free to use and modify, etc..

  65. TimmyTV_Twitch Says:

    Well thats a pretty good list. But i have a few Questions. Is the list only about how hard you could get something or is there only the fact about how much of each Item is available in a World. Because trees can be farmed, Wood coal can be generated but normal coal and diamonds are not Infinit. And the fact that some items are usefuller than others.
    And is this list a reference for every MC Version or does it depend on the Version of the game?

    Thank you

  66. knuller Says:

    Judging by the dates here this guide was made before Fletcher villages were a thing. I would recommend lowering the value of emeralds to 10 due to players being able to trade sticks for an emerald. I used this guide on my server and a player was able to ramp up 20k in under 10 minutes just by making sticks and trading with a Fletcher.

  67. KRIPTONIAN Says:

    Is there any value on animals like bees and cows

  68. Naughty Says:

    Hey KRIPTONIAN, that’s an interesting question. However, at the time this was made there was no feasible way to easily transport any kind of animals so nobody (on our server at least) ever bothered trying to sell livestock. sorry.

  69. Steve Says:

    Hello, Naughty! I found pretty useful table you made on this website. Currently, on date of this comment, version of the game is 1.17. After a little investigation I found a few hidden (not published yet) tables for potions and other stuff, but unfortunately, I did not find any allusions for items at least from 1.16 (like netherrite and etc). Are you up to add those items on website?

  70. Steve Says:

    Sorry, I’ve just seen your reply, Naughty, to similar question as I asked. In this case, could you please tell a little bit more about pricing? For example, how did you came up to conclusion that enchantment table per piece is worth 400? Why not 350 either 415? Is there any math formulas behind your prices either that was just your opinion for pricing of each item?

  71. Naughty Says:

    Hey Steve, well it’s mostly pretty straightforward. An enchanting table, for example, is made from (at time of writing) 1 book, 2 diamonds and 4 obsidian blocks. a book is worth 20, a diamond 160 and an obsidian block is worth 12. If you add all that up it comes to 388.
    Nobody is going to want to do any manual maths with a value like 388, so it needs rounding up or down. Nobody would want to sell it for less than the raw material value, so rounding down is out of the question, and the minor inconvenience of actually building the enchanting table from the raw components and storing it warrants rounding up a small amount.
    400 is the most logical amount to round up to, simply because that’s the closest, simplest value to work with.
    This is all pretty much covered in the preamble on the price list. Most of the pricing was semi-logically calculated based on all sorts of variables, but mainly based on the relative comparable worth of base, raw materials and the ease of obtaining them and the availability.. but bear in mind this was also based on a non-vanilla MC from over 10 years ago and the game, items, and their availability is very different now.
    Hope that’s some help.

  72. Kingston Says:

    Hey I was wondering if you plan on making prices for the new items as well? I am using your guide as my shops prices on my survival multiplayer world and our world is using Bronze as $1, Gold = $10, Emerald = $100, and Amethyst as $500. What do you think the currency should be and what the value of each material should be aswell.

  73. Kingston Says:

    I bet you arenโ€™t interested in adding onto the list but can you at least teach me the equation you used so I can add onto the list myself?

  74. Naughty Says:

    Hi Kingston, if you read through all the other comments and replies to this post you should find most of the answers to your questions. There isn’t really any equations involved, just a lot of manual research, discussion and thinking about the relative values of things on a very specific non-vanilla server many years ago.
    I don’t really think assigning a real-world $ value to items as physical currency is a good idea as it makes calculating the relative prices of everything else much more complicated.
    We got around this by just having an abstract value of worth (i.e. a block of dirt is worth “one” and a diamond is worth “160”) but even this is not ideal as nobody would ever trade a diamond for 160 dirt, but we decided that it was too much complication to have fractional values, so 1 is the lowest. in practice nobody traded in dirt so it wasn’t really an issue.

  75. Kingston Says:

    Hey Naughty, I appreciate you leaving a reply and was wondering if you had access to any of these videos or websites that other people are commenting about. I searched long and hard but couldnt find anything relating to your list.

  76. Alex Says:

    i was wondering if you could add Potion and other items from the New update, i really love using your list for my realm

  77. Torleif Says:

    Any chance of getting a value for Copper in this table?

  78. Torleif Says:

    Actually, seems to be several newer items missing. Like for example Glowsacks and Amethyst stuff.

  79. DMessor Says:

    hey! Please could you update this list to include all of the latest items. Lots of missing things here.

    Thank you in advanced

  80. Reklaw Says:

    Realized you guys fergot the raw and cooked mutton.

  81. KhanaMitzuko Says:

    Pleeeeease update it. This is so helpful but soooo out of date now and im clueless what blocks are worth! XD

  82. Cory Thompson Says:

    Please update please

  83. SpiritualPanda7 Says:

    Please Please Please Update

  84. umber9931 Says:

    i dont see golden carrots

  85. Alex99 Says:

    Naughtyโ€™s list is amazing however naughty has mentioned multiple times this list is out of date from 2015 and will NOT be updated. However everyone and anyone is free to update it themselves. To calculate how much something is worth (through Naughtyโ€™s methods) is and adding its raw components. Golden carrots for example would be 1 carrot and 8 golden nuggets, (4+40), therefore 44 per golden carrots and 2200 per stack using this logic.

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