Life Drawing – March 27th – Hannah

Life Drawing Classes are back on! Here are a couple of images form my first session.. it’s been a while..

4 Responses to “Life Drawing – March 27th – Hannah”

  1. ëRiC Says:

    first ever? or first of the new classes? still love your choice of colors! :]
    I need to do that once too. Maybe soon! Dudes at the company might arrange something.

  2. Naughty Says:

    First session of the new classes of course! 😀

  3. Jimmy Gunawan Says:

    Nathan, where about do you draw the life drawing?

  4. Naughty Says:

    Hello Jimmy. Although I live in Manchester, I go to a class in Liverpool City Center (right near where I work)
    Thats some cool and interesting stuff you have on your own site over there too! Thanks for visiting

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