LEGO Viper – Battlestar Galactica

Here’s some photos of my custom LEGO Viper from the original series (TOS) of Battlestar Galactica. It’s basically mini-fig scale although it doesn’t actually open or fit a minifig inside.

The build quality is well solid and would take a ton of knocks and hard-play without breaking or falling apart. I’ve got some LDRAW files for it and the instructions which I’ll try and post here in the near future.

OK, the LDRAW file is up and available, along with all of the building instruction steps images. Head on over to the LEGO Instructions page, or just click here

Custom Instructions - Step 32

Custom Instructions - Step 32

16 Responses to “LEGO Viper – Battlestar Galactica”

  1. Nick Greenfield Says:

    Very nice work on the BSG Viper. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) for some time to get this right to help and amuse my ten year old son (okay, I admit it, and satisfy my own passion for Lego!). Is there any possibility of you posting that Ldraw file you mentioned on the site, please?

  2. Naughty Says:

    Hey Nick! thanks for the comment. I’ve added a new page group “LEGO Instructions” where you can find full instructions and the LDraw file too for the Viper. I’ll be adding more instruction pages to it in future as and when I make them. Happy building!

  3. Ole Steen Larsen, Denmark Says:

    Your design inspired me. Love LEGO and love BSG.
    Took a while (almost gave up on the belt wheel color)
    Made some modifications, especially to the front.

    See photo:

  4. Naughty Says:

    Hey Ole! nice work there. The hinged canopy is an especially nice touch and I like how you’ve got a pilot head in there. great job!

  5. Ole Steen Larsen, Denmark Says:

    Thanks. Love the solidity of your design and how it looks good from all angles.
    During the build I tried some making some improvements, but ended mostly up with your original design being the best after all.

  6. Ole Steen Larsen, Denmark Says:

    Here is a better photo:

  7. Lee Says:

    Do you have a parts list for the viper?

  8. Naughty Says:

    Hey Lee, thanks for visiting. there isn’t currently a parts list as such, but if you download the viper.ldr file from the LEGO Instructions >Viper page you’ll be able to get a parts list from that, either by simply loading it up into a LEGO CAD app (like MLCAD) or by opening it up into a text editor. The text data may only give you the index numbers though, so I’m not sure how helpful that is for you…? I’ll try to get a proper parts list added at some point.

  9. John Says:

    I’d LOVE to build a Lego Viper too !! I would very interested in your directions !! Thanks.

  10. Naughty Says:

    hey John, thanks, I just discovered the link in this post was broken, but I’ve fixed it. You can get to the viper instructions from the main page menu (right) or by clicking the link in the post above

  11. Viper rebuild Says:

    Hello I have one of these vipers which a purchased many moons ago and she’s seen better days was wondering do you have the parts list with the lego numbers on as I have lost a few pieces

    Many thanks

    Can send pictures of my rebuild to prove I have one

  12. Naughty Says:

    Hi Viper, please see the comment above, there is already a parts list linked from the viper page, it has the part numbers on it.

  13. Not the Same Lee Says:

    Love your viper and am getting ready to build it, have everything except 3 white and 1 red pulley wheels…. surprise, surprise. Thanks for sharing

  14. Naughty Says:

    heh, thanks Lee. Believe it or not, when I designed and built the original I only had grey and orange pulley wheels on it 🙂
    I only went and bought the red and white ones seen here when a work colleague asked me to make and sell him one.
    You can order them from, but they are about £2/$3 each now! D:

  15. Not the Same Lee Says:

    still looking for them in Australia but went ahead and built this last night, really enjoyed it, marveled at the fore thinking involved in the chasis engineering. Then made a few small changes this morning.

    ( please excuse the Red tiles being plates and the missing 1×2 white plate in the nose.. run out of bricks!)

  16. Naughty Says:

    good work getting a working glass cockpit in there Lee! nice job.

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