X-29 CGI LEGO Model

I’ve completed a LEGO-CAD build of the X-29 Fighter I made a couple months back. Here’s a couple of shots of it, one from inside MLCad and the other from inside LDView. There’s no step-by-step instructions (WAY too many pieces!) but I’ve constructed the model in step-by-step sequence so if you do wanna check it out or build a version of your own you can pretty easily.
You can download the .MPD here and from the LEGO Instructions pages link on the right.

X-29 in MLCad

X-29 in LDView

7 Responses to “X-29 CGI LEGO Model”

  1. eRiC Says:

    cool! How did you render it?

  2. Naughty Says:

    Yo Eric, that’s just a screen grab from LDView, a cool little free app that just displays LEGO models in realtime 3D. It’s got some nice lighting and wireframe modes too…

  3. Maitreya Says:

    the first picture with lines on the edges show more details, i love this style^o^

  4. alFrame Says:

    Having worked at LEGO and having done models like that (but all the elements modeled ourselves too…) I have to say that this looks great. In general it’s really nice to see LEGO finally going digital with their core business since a couple of years.

  5. Naughty Says:

    You worked at LEGO?!? Aw.. I’m so jealous! thanks for the comment Alex, nice to see you visiting here!

  6. Douglas K Stout Says:

    I see that this is over 11 years old, but would love to build this model. What do you recommend for how to proceed?

  7. Naughty Says:

    Hey Douglas, if you can find an application that opens .MPD files (MLCAD or LDRAW – https://www.ldraw.org/) then you can download the MPD for this model (at the top of this post) and dismantle it digitally. That’s about all I can suggest as it only exists as in that format! Good luck.

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