Life Drawing – Jo

here’s a couple of new portraits.

3 Responses to “Life Drawing – Jo”

  1. eRiC Says:

    Ahhrr!! theres a breast missing!!!
    again very convincing shading there. The hair looks real shiny even through the rough style.

    After seeing all these drawings its hard to believe you’re still such a geek 😀
    I wish I’d do drawings as well again. But I’m currently more into heavier geek stuff…

    Nice that you keep it up. But thats what a course is for, huh? :]

  2. Dom Says:

    I like these (less so the second one because of the eyes) but they seem to be lacking a mood.

  3. jo Says:

    hi there… great drawings… i run a class myself now… twice a week, i sometimes model but we have loads of other models too… you should come along sometime… if you are interested… email me and i’ll send you the details
    bye for now

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