LEGO Spaceship

Here’s a little thing I made up using the parts from some of the new(ish) Mars Mission Sets plus a couple of other odds and ends that were lying around in the “play bucket”. I know it’s de rigueur to give these kind of things names, like “Tomcat”, “Epiphany-II”, “Collateral Destroyer”, etc, etc.. but meh.. it’s yet another generic fighter-plane style spaceship. enjoy.

LEGO Spaceship

LEGO Spaceship

It should probably have a canopy if it’s going into space, or at least travels as fast as it looks like it travels, but I just couldn’t fit one on with the pieces I had to hand… And even if I could have, it probably would have spoiled the shape which I quite liked.

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  1. eRiC Says:

    coool. Really nice details at the bottom and cockpit.
    The pilot with an eyepiece made of pure gold! and a V8 in the back.

    what do your boys actually say to you doing this kind of stuff? :]

  2. Naughty Says:

    haha, thanks Eric. My youngest is into LEGO so he’s really into me building, helping him build and playing with my models, but Matthew, my oldest would rather kill strangers on Team Fortress 2 😀 so he’s pretty uninterested to be honest 🙂

  3. BigDino Says:


    Well I see your work and give up!

    Mines a mess in comparison….

    Groovy Model Dude!!!

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