LEGO Piaggio Scooter

Here’s a quick little LEGO minifig-scale scooter I made, based loosely on my Piaggio Skipper! Due to the scale it’s obviously not that accurate that you’d recognize it as such, but I think it’s still a cool little two-wheeler…

Minifig-scale LEGO Piaggio Scooter

Minifig-scale LEGO Piaggio Scooter

It’s pretty simple as you can see, but if anyones interested in the instructions for it, you can find them here:

5 Responses to “LEGO Piaggio Scooter”

  1. Private Krankenversicherung Says:

    Good scooter article. I have this bookmarked. Thanks

  2. av8r1973 Says:

    Great looking scooter – instructions or parts list would be great. I have built a relatively large Chinatown and need several scooters to complete the scene. If you can send them, it would be most appreciated.

  3. Naughty Says:

    no problem, I’ll upload some schematics and the LDR file tomorrow. cheers!

  4. Naughty Says:

    There you go av8r1973, I’ve added a new page to the LEGO Instructions pages

  5. gifted29 Says:

    i would like to know the instructions

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