Welcome – First post!

Hello there.

Welcome to my blog site. This is the first post of hopefully many.

What can you expect to find here? well, most certainly free music and info from and about my band Big Time Charlie Potatoes, Pictures of my LEGO models as well as building instructions and LDraw files, MEL Scripts, Tips and Tricks on using Maya, and anything else I think may be worth total strangers knowing…

If you want to know a bit about me check the Who Am I? page link here or on the right.

Thanks for viewing, I hope you find something useful here…

3 Responses to “Welcome – First post!”

  1. Qumer Says:

    Naughty Nathan,

    I like the life drawings, I particularly like the coloured ones they are very striking !!!!!!!

    I particular like the profile of the lady from the DS……..

  2. CHARLIEbi Says:

    naughty r u readin me just sayin ello seein if thisleave a reply polava is graftin check out me website talk to me

  3. Naughty Says:

    Not sure what the hell you mean there Charlie, but your messages are coming through loud and unclear.. 😀

    what website you got to check out?!?

    P.S. Thanks Qumer! 🙂 😉

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