Big Time Charlie Potatoes Page is up…

I’ve completed a new page on my band, Big Time Charlie Potatoes, a Manchester based retro-rocky three-piece. Actually, we’ve been practically defunct for several years 😀 but we had some great songs so this page is more an archive for those so I don’t forget them. head on over and give us a listen, the quality’s not fabulous, but it’s mostly alright and there’s a ton of full tunes in there…

Big Time Charlie Potatoes

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  1. charlie Says:

    The songwriter is a genius with amassive cock no doubt but does he really give afuk

  2. CHARLIEbi Says:

    asays lets let go of our salford docks

  3. CHARLIEbi Says:

    mork callin nauty

  4. CHARLIEbi Says:

    come in nauty

  5. Naughty Says:

    I hear you Charlie. This isn’t the best way to have a chat over the internet though mate! 😀

  6. CHARLIEbi Says:

    BEDear Naughty so wots the best way 2 chat should i get my cock out /done that /THATS

  7. CHARLIEbi Says:


  8. Pete Says:

    Now then. I played with yous at Middleton Leisure centre. Still loving your music. Maybe a gig in Sheffield would be good an I could jam with you……

    Tek Care,


  9. Charlie Says:

    A Y up Pete areet cocka Keep in touch yoo Dogs fuck Thats Manc for Love yoo man take care Listen to Impailed

  10. Charlie Says:

    Dear Naughty could you please change the If yoo can be arsed listenin bit to WEEKEND RAVERS N RUBY LIGHT TA

  11. Charlie Says:

    Want to say more but i can only write on top line wots all that about so ill go right to the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend R ISee you got to go right to the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend ignore this bollox then Luv Charlie Im still gonna send it coz it takes fukkin hours

  12. Charlie Says:

    Dear Pete Charlie didnt go to the end LATER Charlie

  13. Charlie Says:

    Dear N aughty hows your nobb ? love charlie

  14. Pete Says:

    Now then Charlie, ya Chuff, jam soon?


  15. Pete Says:

    Well, Imapled. Glorious shimmering wonder ya big headed fook!
    love fron Sheff x

  16. Charlie Says:

    Pete baby nice one charlie wasted

  17. Charlie Says:

    Am/ Oh my god i didnt see the signs as my chillum smashed to the floor .Em/ along with my little glass coaster’ cant chop Am/ the powder no G/ more. Oh my god i didnt see it was you forgive me i still havent prayed Do you wanna get high or do you wanna be saved. Oh my god i didnt see the light ‘ now its shinin’ right in my face, Lord youve been good to me, but could ya give me just a couple of days. Ime takin this as my LAST TEMPTATION / EACH DAY with JO DOUGH MONKEY SMOKES is now in heaven ; the monkey reeped what he sew. PART ONE

  18. Charlie Says:

    Dear darling sheffield Petes been on / Wants to know when you n JONNY are gonna suck him again love Charlie

  19. Charlie Says:

    Dear Naughty just keeping in touch, with my GO NADS . WOW i like it, Thats the name of my new band, you n jonny can be in it if you like. CHARLIE POTATOES & HIS GO-NADS. You can be Left or Right? P.S Do ya think i should still keep the Bigtime ? Any way just checking the comments one on 15 May youve still not got round to it so i thought i would remind you . Do ya fancy that gig tonight Kings Arms BOBBIE PERU Suck you later love Charlie.

  20. Charlie Says:

    Dear Naughty, Jonnys up for goin in the studio so its the same old bollocks there then , so i’ll be in touch , touch ya later charlie.

  21. Dave Says:

    I have all your albums. wanna buy them back?

    I miss you guys, I miss the Castle, I miss my youth, I missed the bus when everyone else got on.

    Would love to sit in the studio again with you guys. Would love to drink and smoke myself into a stupor whilst singing along and generally making a cunt of myself.

    Stay naughty Nathan, keep smoking Jonny, hit the big time Charlie.

  22. Naughty Says:

    you and me both Dave. Good to hear from you mate. Hope you’re keeping well (aside from the odd bouts of maudlin reminiscence) 🙂

  23. Dave Says:

    Hi Nathan, Yeah I am keeping well and busy. I mess with computers a lot these days (security research and web design) and because of this my music making has suffered. Too much reminiscing as well I am afraid… I Need to get back into having fun and make some new memories, and not spend so much time in front of a screen. It’s like day to day same old, same old with the occasional bit of excitement. Does getting old really have to be this way? I don’t think so.

    Thanks for making the Charlie tunes available. I lost an awful lot of music with moving from city to city over the past 12 or so years. Yup it’s been that long! I live in a nice market town in the middle of UK now, trees in the street and dry stone walls around all the different coloured houses, very pretty.

    Pass on greets to Charlie and Jonny please.

    Later 🙂

  24. charlie Says:

    Dear Dave Charlie wants to know if you can get web designin for charlies new adventure pop art with charlie originals ive done one with you when u gigged with us @ the berkshire you can have the first refusal at a reasonable price with bids starting round the monkey mark. Kind regards CHARLIE TATINGS ESQ.

  25. charlie Says:

    will consider sexual favours

  26. Dave Says:

    Hi Charlie, it will be a pleasure. What kind of monkey is it? I don’t want one that smokes unless he brings his own.

    Seriously, we Web Impressions have a special offer on until 18 June. I will extend this deadline indefinitely for you. You can find samples of my work here and a contact email address. The telephone number is to my business partners phone so don’t call that.

    Drop me an email: dave *at*

    Nice to hear from you Charlie, have a hug.

    Sexual favours are always welcome providing I come well 😉

  27. Dave Says:

    Yo, Mr spuds, why you not reply to my emails?
    Do you hate me?
    I hurt

  28. Naughty Says:

    hey Dave, Charlie is a total luddite. I doubt he even knows what email is, let alone how to access it to reply to you. He’s been extremely quiet recently so I can only assume that Ruby has banned him from using the laptop or he’s kicked it across the room in a blind rage and knackered it…

  29. Dave Says:

    Hi Naughty, thanks for that.

    We were in communication, several emails passed between us then… silence.
    Just hope is is OK.

  30. Dave Says:

    Hi Nathan, how you doing? Almost 12 months since I last spoke. I hope life/fate/karma is being good to you and your loved ones. Ups and downs here but that ‘s life, at least my life anyways. I plan on doing some gigs around my home town as soon as my fingers stop hurtin’. I was wondering if I could cover last temptation, it touches me in so many ways that I might just be able to do it justice. Do you hear from/see much of Charlie and Johnny these days? It would be awesome if you played again, I really miss those night at the Castle. Don’t put down that bass for too long Nathan. Hugs and respect to you.

  31. Naughty Says:

    Hey Dave, yeah, long time… Life is fine I guess, ups and downs is damn right… can’t complain though. I honestly don’t see any problem with you covering Last Temptation, but it’s entirely Charlies call, but I’m sure he’d be chuffed that you wanted to play it (let’s face it, what can he do even if he didn’t want you to! 😉 ) I don’t really see or hear from Johnny or Charlie much, not that I think we don’t want to, it’s just a lot of effort when there always seems to be more “important” stuff to get on with 🙁 I really miss those Castle nights too, damn they were some fine tunes we had… I haven’t even got my bass out of the bag for about 5-6 years, but for my 40th Birthday (last March) my dad got me a beautiful Ibanez Acoustic Bass, so I have it right here next to my desk and plink a bit on it from time to time. Hope your gigs go well, take it easy.

  32. Dave Says:

    Aye Nathan, family and keeping them safe is important, beyond that it can all go and fuck itself 😉 Don’t stop playing that bass, you will regret it when the arthritis kicks in… 40 you old sod ;-p Me 50 in a few months, still 20ish in the head but my body does not agree. I made a tribute to BTCP on my blog

    Damn fine tunes is right!

    I have a small favour to ask, no biggie and certainly no problem, but it ain’t something public. If you email me then I can mail u and interrupt your lifeflow with my ludicrous demands

  33. NAUGHTY Says:

    Naughty how the devil r u see that txt talk charlies down wiv it , forgot how to do this, hope its right just sayin high coz i am ,ot been in touch because im a famous actor now as ya know so i dont really speak to the public anymore shakin everyones hand makin the chicks wet, givin geezers semis,i cant keep givin, but as u know charlie cant help that genorous side, but if we do bump in to each other dont be upset if i totally ignore u , coz ill more than likeley be wiv a celeb n shit,so if i just sign me name on ya tit or ya face or summet, also do anal signin but only if its there ready , so places like airports top partys waitin outside, have anus out ready,walkin backwards shoutin charlie charlie sign it please sign it, wen i get round to u , bend over anus high, i might have to dip me pen in the brown ink well, soon as ive signed im gone , so none of that can u sgn this for me mate, p.s dont worry about it rubbin off charlies ink is permanent, so hope to see u soon luv charlie.

  34. charlie Says:

    hope evryones sweet and sound in the Naughty house,juhey rubbed off on usst bin listenin to us, and must say we wernt a great band (Fackin say that again, play summet we knuur) we were a fackin brilliant band, punked to fuck coz we were cunts,slaags, ya know wot i mean nahgty, we didnt give a fuck and i lovednall that shit, but most of all when i listen to us, i kinda remember where it was or whatever,it was a right laugh, none of us had a kind word for any of us,thats why we were punks singin ballads(Ballady Bill another story) i hope u read all this bollox by the way, coz it takes charlie fuckin ages writin all this shit down, seriously naughty u know charlie hes fucked , wiv his 1 finger, that fuckin spacey thing and shift button, ive not even looked at the screen so if theres mistakes n shit,thats why theres no apostraphes and i bet u dont spell it like that,but wen i try n find it on laptop,it turns into a fackin space ship , u know the dance, but i seem to have them commas under control,, anyway just bin listenin to cheatin birds n bees straightgoersetc, and we were brilliant, Well i was the most brilliant coz i wrote the fuckers, its coz the songs r brilliant t

  35. Naughty Says:

    I’m reading you loud and clear Charlie.. and I couldn’t agree more, we were the fucking dogs bollocks. (that’s good by the way :D)

  36. charlie Says:

    Dear Naughty giv us a bell coz ive not got your number have u changed it, your tampon i mean.

  37. geoff riff Says:

    Hello Charlie you might/might not remember me but I was in another band with Jonny, Radge I was the guitarist,hope your well.Can’t believe I’m 42 now seems like another life.I”m still taking photo’s (24 years) and doing quite well have a gander at my website.Do you still see/hear from Johnny? I did talk to him age’s back but lost contact if so can you pass on my detail’s would be good to see him.Was just talking to the lady working with me today must be 20 years since we were playing,but I can still hear the buzz of it in my lug holes.Take care

  38. charlie Says:

    Alrite geoff riff, how do you get to ya website, for a gander,

  39. charlie Says:

    charlie callin naughty just tried to E Dave, then got computered, classic as well with 1 thumb n 3 fingers love charlie. aka Rocknroll Zabore,

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